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Readers Digest is one of my favourite magazines. I was feeling pretty down and having pity party and then I came across this article about this lady doc who tries to help Katrina hurricane victims.

Her clinic was destroyed by hurricanes and fires 3 times, each time when money was really short. But she continued. She did not go into depression but helped other out. I am not feeling sorry for myself any more but feeling sorry that I can be so stupid when actually I ought to be counting my blessings.



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Beautiful Chicken Soup for Soul Story about giving rather than receiving.


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Guard Our Words

In a country church, an altar boy was serving the priest at Sunday mass. When he accidentally dropped the cruet of wine, the village priest slapped the boy and shouted, “Leave the church and don’t come back!” That boy became Tito, the Communist leader. In the cathedral of a large, inner city church, the altar boy accidentally dropped the cruet of wine. With a twinkle in his eye, the Bishop told the boy, “One day you will be a priest.” That boy grew up to be Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

To avoid the pits of life, we must guard our words. Words are power tools! In the right hands and used correctly, words can create. In the wrong hands and used incorrectly, words can destroy.

“Avoiding the Pits of Life (part two)”
Mary Southerland
Director of Networking, Author, Speaker and Columnist
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