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Article A Lesson in Zen: Such by agentsully in  the blog Life Learning Today

The lesson I wish to leave you with today is to not fear or run from “the bad,” the uncomfortable, the frightening, the dirty, the smelly, from hunger, sadness, pain and so on. By experiencing these things this is how we come to know the good, the comfortable, the beautiful, the delicious, peace, luxury, love, happiness, and more.

A set of words which you should copy paste and print it out and keep wherever you will see it when problems arise.

These words give me peace now. When so many issues and problems were put in front of me by life that I got scared first. Then I went through the tough times and now that I am nearly on the other side, I feel kind of good. Lots of learning’s. I am a lot stronger now than before.

One of the most successful ways to beat depression and tough times are self brain washing. You feel like you want to die but then you do need inspiration to live. This article is very good for that. It gives hope.



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